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Traverse Lenght

Varies according to pallet number and dimensions, including pallet overflow. When 3 Europalet are placed next to each other, net traverse width (3x800 mm.) (Pallet side by side width) + (4x75 mm.) (Security opening) = 2700 mm. It happens.

Height Between Floors

Height between coats 60mm. may well change one. Determined according to pallet heights. As the floor heights (h) are added, the last (h3) shelf height is found.

Shelf Height

It is the height up to the surface of the sleeper where the top pallet sits. Among other elements, the lifting height h3 of the stacker depends on the roof height of the warehouse. In principle, the lifting height (h3) of the machine is 200mm. is more than it should be.

Shelf Depth

Shelf depth is the depth of the foot. It is also the distance of the front and rear sleepers from the outer edge. As standard this size is 1050mm on single row shelves. and double row shelves from back to back (1050 + 1050) + 250 = 2350mm. d. Pallets on shelves 1200 mm. and the safety protrusions are 75mm from the front and rear. d. In double row shelves, 100 mm. There must be a safety gap.

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